5 Ways to Prove Your Urban-farming Cred

5 Ways to Prove Your Urban-farming Cred

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If your neighbors don’t take you seriously and your family is just waiting for you to grow out of this “gardening phase,” it’s time to take your passion public. Getting involved with your community brings awareness to the urban-farming cause and gives you another outlet for learning and teaching others about the sustainable way of life.

Consider lending your time and meeting fellow urban farmers through these groups:

1. Chicken Keepers

If your city is still anti-poultry, do your part to change decision-makers’ minds. If you already legally have chickens in your coop, share your knowledge and pool resources with other city chicken keepers.

2. Community Gardens

Many people keeping a plot in a community garden are giving growing a first go. Help them out by volunteering a few hours a week. You might learn a thing or two yourself.

3. Gleaners

Gather with other food-waste-haters to pick up what farmers near your city have leftover after harvest, and help to turn the produce into good food for the less fortunate in your area.

4. Food Pantry

Start a garden for your food pantry, volunteer in one that’s already established, or offer to serve up real food for a change.

5. FFA

Urban high-school agriculture programs are providing much-needed ag education to urban farmers of tomorrow. Stop by a classroom once a month to offer encouragement and help out with school and organization projects. Or help to start your one in your urban high school.

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