5 Tips for a Scrooge-less Christmas

5 Tips for a Scrooge-less Christmas

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Photo by Kristy Rammel

As I sit and type this cold wet night, words are escaping me. It would appear I am losing the ability to form sentences without the echo of my children’s incessant bickering ringing in my ears. Vivid imagery and humorous antics are being replaced with words of a more “colorful” nature. Therefore, in the interest of maintaining peace and harmony both in my home, as well as on this blog, this week will be short and sweet—well, shorter and non-Scroogish!

Please allow me to give you a few tips for surviving the next few days of PSS, “Pre-Santa Stimulation.”

1. Limit the Sugar
It’s likely your children have been living on sugary treats for weeks all in celebration and anticipation of a fat, jolly old man bringing them stacks of toys and goodies in a few short days. If the kids are a little “nuts” right now, we really have no one to blame but ourselves.

2. Assemble Gifts Early … or Do It Quickly
Christmas Eve, “after the kids go to bed” is not a good time to read the instructions on that doll house or bicycle for the very first time. If these items have yet to be assembled, at least in part, go! Go now! However, if you find you have no other options than to start construction as the sleigh is making its rounds, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Remove any sharp objects from the general vicinity that could be used as a weapon.
  • Remember, liquor is not advisable during any portion of the construction process.
  • Banging the item(s) with a strong, blunt object, such as a hammer, will not make it fit correctly.
  • Anything said in anger cannot, or at least should not, be held against you by your significant other. Both of you should take a deep breath and remember that one day, in the very distant future, you will look back on this night and laugh!

3. Forgive the Cranky
Generally speaking, Christmas is a lot of work. With all of the shopping, baking, gift wrapping, and party planning, we can be exhausted by the time Christmas night arrives. If your significant other snaps at you, please take it with a grain of salt. I forgave you when you cursed the bicycle and hit it with a hammer, so you can give me a break for being tired and a bit cranky.

4. Limit the Questions
Men, the answer is yes! Yes, we know how much we spent this year. Yes, we know what time it is as we sit on the floor wrapping presents. Yes, you did get your mother something for Christmas. And yes, fatigue is a legitimate excuse for a wide variety of other questions you may have this time of year!

5. Remember the Purpose of Christmas
Do not forget the real reason for the season: ’Tis better to give than to receive; be gracious and kind to one another; and finally, be grateful for this precious time with your family.

I must go now and tend to my own over-stimulated, sugar-induced, querulous crew before they tear down my house down. So, from my family to yours, have a wonderful Christmas!

About Kristy Rammel

A self-admitted former city girl, Kristy Rammel was “promoted” from AVP of Operations in a Fortune 200 company to VP of Homestead Operations and team leader of her family’s Animal and Child Disaster Response Unit. While many people work desperately to avoid the monotony of daily life, she prays for it. Come back each week to follow her wild, crazy, but never boring homesteading adventures with four boys.

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